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If you're passionate about model cars and would like to showcase your skills and creativity, you may consider submitting your project to the Concours d'Miniature. By participating in this event, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, gain valuable feedback from experts in the field, and showcase your work to a wider audience. To ensure your model car is considered for the show, be sure to follow the submission guidelines and provide detailed information about your project. Good luck and happy modeling!



1/24 - 1/25 Scale:

Pre-war Classics 1900 - 1942

Ferrari Special Class, celebrating 75 years of Ferrari

Foreign Sports Cars

American Sports Cars 1960 - Present

American Hot Rods 1955 - 1972

European Race Cars

American Race Cars


American Classics 1943 - 1959

Slot Cars (All Scales)

Motorcycles (All Scales)

Large Scale 1/18 - 1/8:

Special Calss: Vintage Pocher Kits

Pre-War Classics 1900 - 1942

Race Cars

Road Cars

Slot Cars (All Scales)

Motorcycles (All Scales)

Youth Class: (17 and under)

Road Cars

Sports Cars

Hot Rods

Race Cars

Slot Cars



More Information

Participating in the Concours d'Miniature, a three-day judged model car show with multiple classes and awards, is an incredible opportunity for model car enthusiasts. The event brings together a community of passionate hobbyists who showcase their most intricate and detailed creations in front of esteemed judges from real concours d'elegance events. This competition offers a chance to learn from experts, gain valuable feedback, and compete for prizes in various categories. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to sell their models in an optional auction following the show, allowing collectors to acquire unique pieces, and builders a platform to profit from their passion. Overall, the Concours d'Miniature is a thrilling experience for anyone passionate about model car building and offers an exciting new way to display your talent to a wider audience.

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